Our History

“We have done inspiring things in the past. Today, we are aiming great things for the future.”

Dorsa Pharmaceutical Company began in 1998 and the plant produces two main products, raw material (API) and Pharmaceutical finished form products and it became fully operational in 2009 after obtaining all necessary permits and licenses. Our company is a knowledge-based progressive manufacturing entity with high quality generic drugs and pharmaceutical formulations, backed by a strong R&D dept. and some of the best experts in pharmaceutical industry. It is a member of Tavan Pharmaceutical Holding and for this reason, this holding has the advantage of a complete value chain it can offer to its partners and customers, both locally and globally. The company as a knowledge-based drug company is accredited by Vice-Presidency office for Science and Technology and is the holder of grade 'A' GMP certificate by Iran FDA, which is a member of PIC/S. 

The company is capable of manufacturing various diluted concentrations and dosage forms of Nitroglycerin semi finished material and can produce Nitroglycerin finished forms in tablets, capsules and spray.

Dorsa Pharmaceutical Co. Export department started its operation from beginning of 2018. We have managed to find capable partners overseas in 11 countries for 16 of our products so far and we signed “Export Supply Agreement” with all of them. We are still looking to expand our export market for more products in more countries. Our board of directors, have set up “Dorsa 2020 Export Agenda”, directing us to focus all our efforts for fulfilling export targets in those selected countries by 2020. And currently we are completing our registration phase in most of those countries and we will be starting exporting by late 2020 as scheduled. Some of the exporting countries we signed agreements with are Vietnam, Philippines, Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Lebanon, Ukraine and Turkey. Having grade ‘A’ GMP production lines audited by Iran FDA and accredited by PIC/S enables us to manufacture high quality products. We have various forms of modalities for cooperation with our international partners and we are always open to negotiate new approaches and suggestions. Some of the popular models of cooperation are listed below.

Our History

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