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                         Dorsa Pharma Export

Dorsa Pharmaceutical Co. Export department started its operation from beginning of 2018. We have managed to find capable partners overseas in 11 countries for 16 of our products so far and we signed “Export Supply Agreement” with all of them.  

We are still looking to expand our export market for more products in more countries.

Our board of directors, have set up “Dorsa 2020 Export Agenda”, directing us to focus all our efforts for fulfilling export targets in those selected countries by 2020. And currently we are completing our registration phase in most of those countries and we will be starting exporting by late 2020 as scheduled. Some of the exporting countries we signed agreements with are Vietnam, Philippines, Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Lebanon, Ukraine and Turkey.

Having grade ‘A’ GMP production lines audited by Iran FDA and accredited by PIC/S enables us to manufacture high quality products.

We have various forms of modalities for cooperation with our international partners and we are always open to negotiate new approaches and suggestions. Some of the popular models of cooperation are listed below.


                  Contract Manufacturing & Development (CMO/CDMO) 

  • Dorsa Pharmaceutical Co. is a fully integrated contract manufacturing entity, committed to delivering professional customer services. Our capabilities with the collaboration of our Tavan Research Institute enable us to provide clinical studies and Bio-equivalency, in-vivo studies and commercialization of drug product from development, formulation, manufacturing to marketing the products, available to all local & global pharmaceutical companies.
             Joint-Venture Opportunities (JV)

    • The reasons behind forming a joint venture with Dorsa Pharmaceutical Co. include business expansion, development of new drug products or moving into new markets, particularly overseas.

In most cases our clients agree to create a new entity by both contributing equity and they then share in the revenues, expenses, and control of the newly formed business. In some cases, the venture can be for one specific drug product, or a continuing business relationship. On the other hand, a strategic alliance is formed which involves no equity stake by the participants, and is a much less formal arrangement with less requirements, capital, liability and risk.

Your business may have strong potential for growth and you may have innovative ideas and products to share with us. However, a joint venture could give you:

  • More Resources
  • Greater Capacity
  • Increased Technical Expertise
  • Exclusive Access to Established Markets and Distribution Channels in Iran
  • Capturing Larger Proportion of Local Drug Market Share      Under License Manufacturing : In-licensing & Out-licensing options   
  • We are prepared to become the production arm for many local and international clients who utilize us to manufacture under licensed pharmaceutical products for them. Being flexible to meet our client’s needs is important and we continually search for ongoing improvements. We can work from an existing drug formulation or help you develop a novel formulation.  With the help of our Tavan Research Laboratory Institute, we can carry out bio-equivalency tests and in-vitro tests on specific projects for our clients. Together we can introduce and market your product under your brand name in our market with the help of our competent marketing team and professional marketing campaign programs.

We aim to negotiate with potential pharmaceutical companies willing to collaborate with us on Under-license projects for our future strategic alliance and improved marketing penetration as well as expanding our product portfolio. We can act as your Local Representative for the Under-licensed products we negotiated and processed in our factory site.

We can also offer Out-licensing deals for interested and competent companies willing to take on our known brands such as Iodofolic® Vigrodit® and iVita®.


                Become our Local Representative

  • We are expanding our international export markets and we are always looking for new markets to reach our products. If your company has the relevant experience, capability and the means to represent us professionally in your local market and become our Local Representative, then we like to hear from you.